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In many cases people will end up moving to larger homes in and around Mesa as their family grows and their children go from being infants to attending school and needing more room to roam. Sometimes this can be a cause of distress for your children with relocation possibly taking them to a new school, leaving friends and finding new ones and the general stress it is on a child to move.

While some moves may require local movers, some can take you and your family from Mesa to other cities or states and there are a few ways that you can help the transition.

With small children do some play acting. Allowing them to understand the process and making it fun for them can go a long way with comforting a child. You can use real boxes and pretend to pack and talk about all of the new and exciting places they will get to see and experience. Dolls may also come in handy to play act a move, as well.

When you make a long-distance move beyond your current neighborhood it is suggested that you find a day care for the young child as soon as possible in order to help them find new friends. This will aid in making the move easier for them.

With kids that are around seven to twelve give them jobs. Let them be in charge of writing on boxes, watching over your family pet(s), let them be the moving diary keeper and let them take pictures and document your move. Giving them jobs such as these, or others that you might think of will make them feel as if they are a part of the move and make it go by faster for them.

Where you may find some resistance in your move is with teenagers. Teens are usually very social and removing them from their normal social setting can disrupt their lives and make for a very difficult time moving.

Talk with your teen, especially if you are moving far away from Mesa or your current town to another one and let them know you will do everything you can to help them be able to maintain their friendships they are leaving behind (such as internet, writing, trips back, etc.). Keep them involved and ask them to help with planning and packing, going over maps and making driving directions.

Moving is a necessary part of everyone's life and while it can be hard for children there are ways to work through many of the difficulties. Remember that you are in charge but your children have the capacity to understand why a move must be made so speak to them and explain it so they will appreciate the move that must take place.

When your children are going to be attending new schools make sure that you have all their school records and it is also a good idea to bring some current examples of the work they were doing at their previous school, especially for children that are between eight and seventeen years old.

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